CIBIL means Credit Information Bureau Limited. CIBIL is india's first credit information company. CIBIL collects and maintains records of credit-related information individuals and company including credit cards and loans.The records of collected informations are submitted to CIBIL by registered member of banks and other financial company on a periodic like monthly basis. According to this data, it issues a CIR(Credit Information Report) and a credit score.


In the credit space, to fetch adoritness and transparency CIBIL was founded in August 2000. In India, CIBIL technical partners are TransUnion International(a global credit bureau) and Dun and Bradstreet(a global provider of credit information). CIBIL has an ISO 27001 rating,which is largest security standard in whole world.
CIBIL has two focus areas:
1. Consumer Bureau: It deals with consumer credit records.
2. Commercial Bureau: It deals with the records of companies and institutions.
CIBIL is a database of credit information. It provides data to banks and other creditors who use it as immediately and efficient resource to filter loan applications.

How to check CIBIL credit score?

we check online the credit score and receive credit report. This process is very easy and fast where we receive credit score via email after payment.
If you want to log on to website, you need some personal details like name, address, PAN number etc. and make a payment of Rs. 500 through net banking, credit, debit, cash card.
You can also apply with printed application form and send by post. On behalf of this details, CIBIL will send your credit score to your residence which you mention in your application form.

What is good CIBIL score?

The good CIBIL score for creditors is 750 or above. The Credit score have 3 digit number ranging from 300 to 900. If the CIBIL score is minimum 750 or above then the creditors apply an application for loan. If the score is less than 750, data shows that an indefeasible majority of stabilize loans are to customers with a score of 750 or above.

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